Laser treatments

Safe, quick and most effective hair removal with the most efficient diode laser Soprano XL, the only safe laser to make epilation in the summer

Ideal solution for face and neck skin refreshment and tightening with the latest technology – Clearlift

Removal of capillaries and venules with Nd-Yag

Correction of acne scars with Erbium and Pixel

Removal of tattoos by Q-switch

Removal of hyperpigmentation with Dye laser and Q-switch (Nd Yag)

Removal of redness, broken capillaries and hemangioma of the face and body with Dye laser

Tightening the skin of the face and body, melting fat and cellulite Accent (monopolar, bipolar) and BTL Exilis

Treatment of  fungal infections of the nails wtih Q-Switch

Laser treatment, viral warts, keloids, keratosis, warts, papillomas etc