The ozone therapy removes the free radicals from the body, regulates the anti-oxidative balance, increases immunity, delays the aging process, exceeds the stress and chronic fatigue and increases vitality.
Ozone is a natural antibiotic and it very quickly destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi.   It has extraordinary effect on the nervous system, raises the level of intellectual ability, increases attention and accelerates thinking. Bloodstream enriched with ozone activates cells via circulation and helps the body in the exercise of its functions. Ozone therapy is the most powerful stimulator of the immune system. Immunity is increased with direct activatin of leucocytes, which are stimulated to fight bacteria and viruses, and at the same time, their number is increasing. Thus, even at the start of the input in the body, they destroy the germs which cause the diseases.
With the regulation of the anti-oxidative status of the organism in the fight against free radicals, the aging process is delayed and you are kept healthy and vital.

With which other diseases does it help?

• Atherosclerosis and narrowing of the blood vessels
• Balancing fats and sugars in the body
• Helps with herpes and HPV infection
• Psoriasis and skin ulcers
• Overcomes fatigue, stress, improves concentration and memory
• Increases the libido
• Gaining strength

The ozone therapy is exclusively performed at the clinic “D-r Ancevski”.